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Aziz Ansari reveals comedy tips, talks career on Howard Stern Show

Posted by | October 7, 2014 | Careers Tips

Aziz Ansari appeared on the Howard Stern Show Monday morning, and revealed great advice for aspiring comedians about his career and stand-up material.

Howard Stern asked about Ansari’s stand-up process, and how he comes up with his material. “I might have a thought, or something that comes up in conversation, write down a full bullet points, and go to a comedy club and try to figure it out,” Ansari said. He’ll sometimes do three or four shows in one night, testing out different material.

In that situation, Ansari says he’s under pressure with his mind working a mile a minute, and he pays attention to what works and what doesn’t. “It’s a lot of trial and error, throwing darts and seeing what sticks,” he said.

“You can’t be a great comedian unless you’re comfortable with bombing,” Stern said, and asked agreed.

“You should be comfortable with silence,” Ansari said. “If you’re not comfortable with bombing, you’re just going to go to areas that are safe and miss out on going deeper. The most personal is the most universal.”

Aziz Ansari has acted in a number of feature films and on the hit sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, but his stand up career has been his true focus. “Stand up has been the thing that’s fueled my entire career, I love it,” Ansari said.

“Chris Rock is probably my biggest comedy influence,” Ansari said, talking about his career. “He’ll give me advice. A lot of comedians in the generation before me are super generous.”

Chris Rock told Ansari to have his DVD special filmed at his Madison Square Garden show, as opposed to his performance in Toronto. Ansari wil be performing at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, October 9.

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