NGO Tasks Buhari On Job Creation

Posted by | April 25, 2015 | News

Coordinator of OGI, Chimbo Obieze, gave the task in an address at a seminar on youth empowerment organised by the group in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Obieze noted that the country was highly blessed with a lot of mineral resources, which can be harnessed not only for foreign exchange purpose but also developed as huge employment sites to employ tens of thousands of unemployed youths.

He noted that coal, zinc, copper and iron mining sites could be developed by adopting safety standards and using manual intensive methods, which would absorb millions of job seekers in the country.

“The basic key for our survival and prosperity as a nation had been provided by God already; our land apart from using it for agriculture and agro-allied potentials still holds lots of commercial quantity of mineral resources yet untapped.

“These mineral resources could be tapped using manual intensive method, which must follow laid down rules for safety. “When this is done, tens of thousands or millions of jobs would be create by harnessing these minerals that are found in commercial quantities in the country.

“It will help keep youths away from the streets and neighbourhoods, while idleness that causes crime among youth would be minimised,” he said.

On the seminar, Obieze said it was meant to inculcate in youths in Onitsha, Nnewi and environs the entrepreneurial skills as well as financial and time management skills.

He said the seminar had reawakened youths to little things they could engage themselves in within their immediate neigbourhoods and “stop being idle”.

“Opportunity is Given International (OGI) is an economic network meant to bring youths together to form common synergy on how to overcome financial and economic challenges.

“The network brings youths together to pool financial resources, ideas and connections together to better themselves and the society.

“We have seen that the government cannot do it alone; that is why OGI is helping in its small way by first harnessing business ideas and potentials within Onitsha and its environs,” he said.

Awka — An Anambra State based NGO, Opportunity is Given International (OGI), has tasked the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, on job creation by harnessing the untapped natural resources of the country.

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