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Recruitment portal for Recruiters, Executive Search and Selection companies
A modern recruitment agent understands the importance of their  website. In fact, pro-active recruiters see the website as being as important as their office itself.
Your Most Important Sales Tool

Recruitment agency portal integrates seamlessly with your website, ensuring that it is 100% up to date all of the time keeping you head and shoulders above your competitors. Change job details in our portal and your website changes instantly. Nigerian Jobs Market takes all the hard work out of integrating your website with our portal.

Our Recruitment agency portal offers the most advanced set of ecuruitment agency tools to manage your clientsand candidates  effectively. Our portal will ensure your recruiters and applicants’ experience is now even easier.

Client Information At Your Fingertips

Client information is instantly accessible at all times through the features dashboard. You can open a clients record and deal with any requests immediately without having to close what you’re working on. Search for a client using any aspect of their details.
Maintain That Personal Service

The Nigerian Jobs Market portal allows you to manage large numbers of clients very easily. Previously lengthy tasks, like mail outs, can now be automated and an audit trail created. Clients can be filtered and targeted as groups such as “featured listing” or “consultancy opportunity”.

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